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We will complete our dream of 100 years.



















■ 2016. Split – off the company by separating the division based on Personnel Found PEACE INDUSTRIES, LTD as new company for Hardware division. / President Shin Kyung Yong.


■ 2015. Move the Sales Group of Hardware Product to Song Lim Dong, In-Cheon City.


■ 2010. Move again the Head Office and Sales Dept to 4th Factory Building, Go Jan Dong, In-Cheon City. Managing the Sales by 2 big Group. First one – Stationery, Office Product & Kitchen Ware . Second one – Hardware product (Industrial Staple, Air Fastening Tool & Agricultural Products)


■ 2008. Awarded the grand prize as Excellent Taxpayer from Prime Minister.


■ 2005. Got the Award Certificate from Korean President & Won official commendation as contribute to Korean Industry Development.


■ 2004. Moved Head Office from Seoul to Song Lim Dong, In ?Cheon City / President Shin Woo Yong.


■ 2003. Built New 4 th Factory on Go Jan Dong, In-Cheon City.


■ 2000. Made Enterprise Institute, Selected as Venture company. Awarded the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Sevice Merit.


■ 1996. Built Big Warehouse and openned sales office on Song Lim Dong, In-Cheon City .


■ 1992. Built New 3rd Factory on, Nam Dong Ku, In-Cheon City.


■ 1991. Purchased ACE FASTENER CO & SPOTNAILS, INC in Chicago, U.S.A / Established PEACE INDUSTRIES,LTD in U.S.A.


■ 1986. Built New 2nd Factory on Yi-Cheon City, Kyunggi Do / Made Technical joint with Meiho Company in Japan.


■ 1973. Made Technical Joint with Max Co.,Ltd in Japan / Built New 1st Factory on Juan, In-Cheon City.


■ 1971. Moved Head Office and Factory to SungSu Dong, Seoul


■ 1959. Founded on Busan Korea, started to produce pin & staple firstly / President Shin Jung Kyu.